BriodLights Breaks the Night with Enrich 2.0
Black-Housed Work Light Series

In the heart of innovation and design, BriodLights proudly announces its newest range of work lights, wrapped in an eye-catching black housing. Tailored for heavy-duty applications.

The series introduces a versatile range of brightness. Starting with a compact model that emits a radiant 2,260 lm, it not only illuminates but also adheres to reverse light standards. As we ascend in luminosity, another model graces the lineup, casting a brilliant 3,580 lm. And for those who demand even more light performance the Enrich 2.0 series also offers a model that emits 4498 lm.

But Enrich 2.0 is more than just luminosity; it’s a symphony of innovation. At its core lies our groundbreaking thermal control technology, ensuring that each light maintains its brilliance without the risk of overheating. Upholding our promise of quality, every unit in the series carries esteemed certifications from RoHS, CE, EMC, and ECE R10.

Illuminate your challenges with the Enrich 2.0 series by BriodLights. Witness brilliance, and redefine night!