BriodLights X-Flash – with integrated position- and flash lights

With X-Flash, BriodLights demonstrates that they are fully in line with their own vision and in the game when it comes to innovation, technology and design. The new LED auxiliary light not only features the increasingly popular boost function, but X-Flash also delivers in terms of design and functionality with integrated position and flash lights.

Flashy design with integrated position and flash lights
Design-wise, BriodLights’ latest X-Flash LED auxiliary light lives up to its name with the integrated position and flash lights forming an X shape. This auxiliary light integrates both position lights and warning lights. BriodLights’ X-Flash can be used together with other approved warning lights on your vehicle. Additionally, no extra installation of the auxiliary light is required through flasher relays.

We have seen that vehicle lighting with multiple built-in functions is something that our customers demand. Therefore, we are very happy and proud to launch our new auxiliary light where we have integrated both position and warning lights, at such a competitive price that X-Flash actually has,” says Henrik Fransson, product manager at BriodLights. ”Moreover, the lamp looks really sleek, and we believe that X-Flash will be appreciated by our users for many reasons.”

Boost function for extra brightness and visibility
In recent years, it has become increasingly common for auxiliary lights to be equipped with a boost function that significantly increases the brightness of the lamp with a simple maneuver. This can be extremely valuable when driving in darkness on untrafficked roads. X-Flash is BriodLights’ first auxiliary light with a boost function. In its standard mode, X-Flash delivers 6000 measured lumens, which gives 1 lux at 650 m. With the boost function activated, the same lamp generates the extraordinary 8400 lumens!

Popular light pattern that suits the most
The Driving Beam light pattern is a favorite among users because of the wide and long lighting beam, making it suitable for most types of driving. The light is also evenly and pleasantly spread. With a color temperature of 5000 K, the light is optimal for the eyes as it neither dazzles nor appears too dark.