Assortment Box DT Connectors

Product ID: 271-971720

Discover the ultimate solution for all your electrical connection needs with our Assortment box containing DT connectors from BriodTech. The following items are included in the box:

271-9101 DT male pin 0.5-1.5 mm²
271-9102 DT male pin 1.3-2.1 mm²
271-9098 DT female socket 0.5-1.5 mm²
271-9099 DT female socket 1.3-2.1 mm²
271-9082 DT 2-pole male connector housing
271-9081 DT 2-pole long male connector housing
271-9071 DT 3-pole male connector housing without collar
271-9076 DT 3-pole male connector housing with collar
271-9092 DT 2-pole female connector housing
271-9091 DT 2-pole long female connector housing
271-9072 DT 3-pole female connector housing without collar
271-9075 DT 3-pole female connector housing with collar
271-9110 Rubber seal for 2-pole DT connector
271-9111 Rubber seal for 3- or 4-pole DT connector
271-9083 DT 2-pole male contact locking
271-9093 DT 2-pole female contact locking
271-9074 DT 3-pole male contact locking
271-9073 DT 3-pole female contact locking

✔ 3 year function warranty

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Key Features

  • New assortment box with 2-3 pole Deutsch connectors
  • Contains 18 items, approximately 300 parts
  • 3 year functional warranty

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