repair kit DCASE/9000 x camozzi

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We are proud to introduce the BriodHardware Premium Selection, featuring a Repair Kit by the renowned CAMOZZI. Designed with mobility in mind, this kit makes it possible for drivers to repair pipe damage or other minor connection issues while on the go. Ideal for situations where professional repair services or maintenance are not available, this kit ensures that you remain prepared for any challenge.

These products are included in the BriodHardware Repair Kit DCASE/9000 from CAMOZZI:

2 pcs 65958006 Straight coupling 6×1 mm
2 pcs 65958008 Straight coupling 8×1 mm
2 pcs 65958010 Straight coupling 10×1.5 mm
2 pcs 65958012 Straight coupling 12×1.5 mm
1 pc 6590006 Hose wrench 6
1 pc 6590008 Hose wrench 8
1 pc 65900010 Hose wrench 10
1 pc 65900012 Hose wrench 12
1 pc 2600.01 Pipe cutter

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Key Features

  • Includes a range of straight couplings in multiple sizes and hose wrenches, along with a pipe cutter
  • Designed for On-the-Go repairs

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