The new updated Edge 2.0 LED light bar is here

BriodLights is now launching an updated version of the popular Edge LED light bar, a customer favorite since its release in 2020. The bar still retains its characteristic slim and WLTP-adapted design, but now also comes in a longer version adapted for trucks or larger vehicles. Additionally, the new Edge 2.0 now has both position lights and a boost function. As the icing on the cake, extra thought has been given to the environment and sustainability.

The new Edge light bar – a smarter choice

The angled front of the Edge series follows the vehicle’s original aerodynamics, minimizing air resistance combined with minimal weight, which keeps fuel consumption down, not only benefiting your wallet but also the environment. As a bonus, the angled front also prevents snow and dirt from sticking to the glass, making it easier to blow away with the wind.

Henrik Fransson, Product Manager at BriodLights, explains that the Edge bar also has other environmental benefits.

”Our customers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and demanding that we as producers and suppliers act in a climate-smart manner. We have been careful with the quality and longevity of Edge 2.0, which we believe we have succeeded in. We are so confident in our product that we offer a five-year functional guarantee instead of the three-year standard for lighting products.”

Henrik also explains that they have removed all unnecessary plastic from the packaging and have decided to invest in climate change by planting a tree for each Edge bar sold, in collaboration with Plantmore. He emphasizes that this is only a supplement to the company’s ongoing environmental work, which they constantly review and improve.

”In the long run, of course, we want our products to be produced, packaged and transported in the most sustainable way possible, but it takes time. We are currently looking at the possibilities of using only recycled materials in BriodLights packaging and finding an alternative to plastic as inner packaging in the boxes.”

Light where you need it

With BriodLights’ Edge advanced optics, the light is projected evenly on and along the road without giving any stray light either upward or downward. The 7060 and 9800 measured lumens of the LED bars thus shine precisely where they are needed. When using the boost function, the bars emit a total of 8700 and 11,600 measured lumens, respectively.

Both the shorter bar, measuring 584 mm, and the longer bar, measuring 764 mm, have a driving beam light pattern that provides both length and width in one. With a color temperature of 5000 K, you get a soft light that makes contours more visible, even in winter road conditions.

Flexible use

Another new feature of the updated Edge bar is that both lengths have a stylishly integrated white position light. You choose during installation whether you want the position light activated or not. Otherwise, the appearance is just like the predecessor, dark and sophisticated, which makes the bar easy to blend in with almost any vehicle. The bars’ minimal dimensions and low weight make them easy to install with accompanying side or rear brackets that are adjustable in the entire length of the bar.

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