BriodLights continues to pump out vehicle lighting with innovative and groundbreaking solutions. This time with OZZ extra lights and Extender light bar, both of which feature a modern addition of an integrated and dynamic start-up position light. OZZ and Extender are the first extra lights on the market with this feature.

The technology in the integrated start-up position light causes the extra lighting to turn on with a soft, wave-like motion, instead of turning on and off at maximum intensity from the moment you turn it on. The smooth transition between off and on creates a pleasant and, above all, neat impression. Choose between position lights in white or orange. BriodLights is the first brand on the market to launch extra lighting with this feature.

OZZ extra lighting – lighting with great variation

OZZ is a round extra light whose design fits well with the bold expression that has become so characteristic of BriodLights’ products. You can not only choose the color of the position light itself, but unlike other lighting in BriodLights’ range, you can also choose to have the OZZ extra light with a lamp housing in either white or black – all to blend in as nicely as possible with your vehicle.

It’s not just the design and innovation that impress! BriodLights’ OZZ LED extra light has a whopping 7010 measured lumens. For those who crave even more brightness, there is also a boost function that provides 10,600 lumens and reaches 1 lux at 680 meters.

The Driving Beam light pattern is a favorite among many, as it is both wide and long, thus covering the road ahead as well as to the sides. With a color temperature of 5700 K, the light is pleasant both in pitch darkness and along snow-covered roads.

Extender auxiliary light bar – blends in perfectly with your vehicle

Thanks to its curved shape, the Extender auxiliary light bar follows the curvature of the front of your vehicle and will blend in perfectly. In addition, it has a robust and fully-cast lamp housing that is extra resistant to dirt and moisture penetrating the bar.

The Extender measures 7500 measured lumens and reaches 1 Lux at 460 meters. Like the OZZ auxiliary light, the Extender also has the popular Driving Beam light pattern. The comprehensive light pattern, along with a color temperature of 6000 K, ensures that you can feel safe that the Extender will illuminate the road properly in both snowstorms and pitch-black forest roads.

OZZ and Extender are two lamps where you get really good lighting but also several details that give the lamps a high ’wow factor.’ The dynamic position light is really nice and something that I think we will see more of in the future. It’s also fun that with OZZ round auxiliary lights, this time we can offer our customers to buy the auxiliary light with both white and black lamp housing,” says Henrik, Product Manager at BriodLights.